ALM Toolkit is a free and open-source tool to manage Microsoft Power BI datasets

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BISM Normalizer Comparison

Database compare

What is the Power BI datasets equivalent to relational database compare? There is none. Correction: there is now! ALM Toolit.

Code merging

Merge branched models. Manage production branches for bug fixes. Allow multiple developers to work on the same project (there is one .BIM file).

Easy deployment

Deploy bug fixes and partial releases. Other deployment methods are “all-or-nothing”, which are less flexible. Retain partitions to avoid reprocessing partitioned tables.

Source-control integration

Store dataset metadata in a file and actually check it into source control!

Reuse definitions

Reuse definitions between tabular models for alignment with common business definitions in an enterprise organization.

Self-service to corporate BI

Bridge the gap between self-service and corporate BI. Reuse definitions from self-service models to IT-owned semantic models.